Storrs Wills and Estate Planning Consultants provide Probate and Professional Executor Services.  Our probate services are provided in partnership with Kings Court Trust Ltd who are probate and estate administration specialists.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a person who has died and transferring their assets to those persons entitled.

The Probate Process

When a person dies, someone has to deal with the deceased’s estate.  This person (or persons) is called the Personal Representative.

They will collect in all the money, pay any debts and distribute the estate to those people entitled to it; the beneficiaries.

The whole process is called Estate Administration and part of the process may involve having to apply for Probate.

A “Grant of Representation” from the Probate Registry gives the Personal Representative the legal authority to administer the estate.

Is Probate Always Needed?

Probate is not always required but it is likely to be needed if the deceased…

  • Had individual assets (bank accounts/ISAs etc) in their name with a value exceeding £10,000
  • Owned a property in their sole name, or a tenants in common share of a property.
  • Benefitted from a trust during their lifetime.

Probate & Estate Administration Services

We work closely with Kings Court Trust who are probate and administration specialists and deal with every aspect of probate.

  • We can take on all of the Executor’s liabilities and adapt full legal responsibility for administering an estate, from beginning to end.
  • As part of our service, you have access to our free Probate Advice Line and we will happily arrange a no-obligation home visit to discuss what tasks need to be completed.
  • We will provide a guaranteed, all-inclusive fixed price to carry out all the necessary work so you know from the outset exactly how much it will cost.  This means there are no hidden costs and no worry of a “ticking meter”.
  • We give clear, easy to understand advice and avoid legal jargon.  We provide every family with a dedicated Case Manager who will provide you with regular updates.