Probate – Grant Assist

As probate experts, we assist families and Personal Representatives who want to administer very straightforward estates themselves, but who also want the comfort of having a professional in the background. Grant Assist will help you to obtain the Grant of Probate quickly and efficiently so you can get on with administering the estate.

Grant Assist includes:

  • Completing the Inheritance Tax account IHT 205 for your signature
  • Preparing the Oath which you will need to swear in front of a solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths
  • Submitting, in your name, the application for the Grant to the Probate Registry
  • Sending you the Grant of Probate as soon as it’s been issued

To find out more about Grant Assist please call 015242 41843.   The cost for this service is £995 (including VAT & disbursements).

Key Stages of Probate

  • Arranging the funeral – One of the most important first jobs is to register the death in order to then make appropriate funeral arrangements. The cost of a funeral can usually be paid from a bank or building society account in the deceased’s sole name, regardless of whether or not probate is required.
  • Obtain initial estate information – It is important to contact asset holders and gather information and values as at the date of death. Similarly, you need to obtain balances of any outstanding liabilities such as utilities, credit cards or loans.
  • Submit Inheritance Tax forms and apply for Probate  Complete the relevant Inheritance Tax forms and organise payment, if necessary, ahead of submitting the application for the Grant of Probate to the probate registry.
  • Collect Assets – Once you’ve received the Grant of Probate, you will be able to deal with any assets which need to be sold or transferred into the beneficiaries’ name.
  • Pay liabilities & distribute the estate – All liabilities, expenses and legacies should be paid before the estate is then distributed to beneficiaries, according to the terms of the Will or the rules of intestacy if there is no Will.