Why Make a Will ?

Wills are the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after death.

If you should die Intestate (without a will) the State decides what happens to your assets.  This may well leave those dear to you in a stressful and uncertain position.

Planning your estate and making a professional will is one of the most important things you will ever do.  By writing a will you will be able to protect those closest to you and ensure that all you have worked hard for is passed to your loved ones in a smooth, quick and efficient manner.

There are several threats to personal wealth and the family home.  Complicated modern family relationships can often be a challenge as can large inheritance tax bills and long term care.  By not dealing with these issues now, those intended to inherit could lose out altogether.

There are many reasons for making a will.  The most common are

  • to prevent family squabbles about who takes what
  • to make gifts to individuals or charities, and to provide for pets
  • to plan the distribution of your estate in order to minimise tax payments
  • to appoint guardians or set up trusts for young children
  • to nominate trustees – someone who looks after money or property left in trust
  • to leave instructions about your funeral or cremation

Nobody likes to think of their own mortality no matter what their age.  However, by acting now you can have peace of mind that should the unfortunate happen, those you love will be looked after.