A person appointed as an attorney is able to make decisions about and deal with the following:

  • look after bank accounts, investments and savings
  • pay bills
  • welfare benefits or tax credits
  • buy and sell property on your behalf
  • tax affairs
  • debts

An attorney can also use the donor’s money to look after their home and purchase anything needed for day to day living purposes.

You can allow your attorney to deal with all of your property and financial affairs or only certain aspects. If you only wish your attorney to deal with certain aspects you must ensure it is drawn up carefully to ensure your attorney understands what they have authority to deal with.

Before the LPA can be used it must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. You do not need to wait until you have lost capacity for your attorney to act on your behalf as this becomes effective as soon as it is registered. If you do not wish your attorney to be able to act immediately you must ensure the document states this clearly.